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This course presents the state-of-the-art in real-time graphics architectures and programming models, summaries of key research areas in real-time rendering research, and discusses the future of graphics programming APIs. This is the fourth consecutive year of this SIGGRAPH course, which we re-write almost entirely each year. New topics this year include discussing power consumption in real-time rendering, the details and implications of integrated CPU-GPU system-on-a-chip (SOC) architectures, and a new set of rendering research topics.

There are strong indications that the future of interactive graphics programming is a more flexible model than today's OpenGL/Direct3D pipelines. Graphics developers need to have a basic understanding of how to combine emerging parallel programming techniques and more flexible graphics processors with the traditional interactive-rendering pipeline.

The course presenters are experts on advanced rendering, graphics hardware, and parallel computing for graphics from academia and industry, and have presented papers and tutorials on the topic at SIGGRAPH, High Performance Graphics, Supercomputing, and elsewhere.

Course Organizers

Aaron Lefohn, Intel
Mike Houston, AMD

Course Notes

(All slides zip)

Beyond Programmable Shading I

9:00–9:20 Introduction to Beyond Programmable Shading 2011
Aaron Lefohn, Intel
9:20–9:45 Research in Games
Peter-Pike Sloan, Disney Interactive
9:45–10:15 "Power" of 3D Rendering
Raja Koduri, Apple
10:15–10:45 Real-Time Rendering Architectures
Mike Houston, AMD
10:45–11:15 Scheduling the Graphics Pipeline (version with notes)
Jonathan Ragan-Kelley, MIT
11:15–11:35 Parallel Programming for Real-Time Graphics
Aaron Lefohn, Intel
11:35–11:45 High Performance Graphics on the CPU with ISPC
Matt Pharr, Intel
11:45–12:15 Software Rasterization on GPUs
Samuli Laine and Jacapo Pantaleoni, NVIDIA Research

Beyond Programmable Shading II

2:00–2:05 Welcome and Re-Introduction
Mike Houston, AMD
2:05–2:45 Toward a Blurry Rasterizer (State of the Art) (version with notes)
Jacob Munkberg, Intel
2:45–3:15 Road to Real-Time Order-Independent Transparency (PDF with notes, original PPTX)
Marco Salvi, Intel
3:15–3:45 State of the Art: Interactive Global Illumination
Chris Wyman, University of Iowa
3:45–4:15 User-Defined Pipelines for Ray Tracing
Steven Parker, NVIDIA
4:15–5:15 Panel: What is the Right Cross-Platform Abstraction Level for Real-Time Rendering
Peter-Pike Sloan, Disney Interactive
Panelists (listed alphabetically)
David Blythe, Intel
Chas Boyd, Microsoft
Mike Houston, AMD
Raja Koduri, Apple
Henry Moreton, NVIDIA

University Courses

Stanford, Spring 2011 Beyond Programmable Shading graduate class
University of Washington, Winter 2011 Beyond Programmable Shading graduate class
Stanford, Spring 2010 Beyond Programmable Shading graduate class

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